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User interfaces elements for free download, such as ui kits, wireframe kits, sketching, buttons, widgets

UI Kit Templates: tools for creating interfaces
UI Kits are libraries of ready-made components for interface design, consisting of icons, buttons, switches, forms and other elements. They help designers and developers create websites and applications with consistency, ease of use, and time savings.
Main tasks of UI Kit Templates:
Design standardization: Using the same elements on all pages of a website or app ensures a consistent style and brand recognition.
Optimization of user experience: ready-made components guarantee the correct logic of elements, simplifying interaction with the interface.
Save time: Reusing pre-built elements reduces the time it takes to develop new pages and reduces the risk of errors.
Scalability: the ability to quickly expand and adapt a website or application to new sections and blocks.
Improved teamwork: Access to pre-built components makes it easier for designers and developers to collaborate.
Main elements of UI Kit Templates:
Colors: Determine acceptable shades for the project and their codes for reproduction.
Forms: static and pop-up windows for registration, feedback and other user actions.
Headers and footers: elements added to all pages of the site.
UI Kit Templates are available in formats compatible with graphics editors such as Figma and Photoshop. They can be free or paid, depending on the functionality and quality of the materials provided.